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new surge starting of Covid-19 along with approaching flu season or just another upswing like the one during summer because of s

It is frustrating to me these days. It is astonishing to me how unaware some insist on being about the health risks of Covid-19. I have continued to avoid crowds, and although I go to restaurants, I...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 245 views

Which reason should trump get the death penalty when he loses?

After all the stomping Il Douch has done on your constitution, and driving your country to financial ruin, selling you out to the Tailban - oooo I could go on and will - are you seriously going to le...... Read More
Posted by Scarly666 with 155 views

"I Don't Believe That's By Our Laws," Trump Says of Counting All the Votes in an Election

Published on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 by Common Dreams "I Don't Believe That's By Our Laws," Trump Says of Counting All the Votes in an Election "He wants to throw out le...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 119 views

“Scientist” Scarly666 doesn’t seem to understand what constitutes “proof”!

“Scientist” Scarly666 doesn’t seem to understand what constitutes “proof”! Responses to Scarly666 regarding her post: Which reason should trump get the death penalty when...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 100 views

I Will Only Move To Vancouver If I Get To Love Sun Balls, Yeah She Says That When It Is Sunny.

Follow Yvonne on TwitterContactYvonne Yvonne Schalle Meteorologist Meteorologist Yvonne Schalle brings you your weather forecasts weekends on Global News Hour at 6, Global News at 11, and BC1. Born an...... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 99 views

Concerning Russell: A Note For the Paranoid

If you look at the top right of Blogster's main page you read that Blogster has 1,488,202 users. That is absurd, of course. What Blogster does have is hundreds and hundreds of thousands of spam a...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 77 views

The Land Down Under - A Humorous but Genuine Look at Aussies and the land we call HOME

AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRALIANS The following was written by the late Douglas Adams of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" fame. "Australia is a very confusing place, taking up a large a...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 69 views

That was some wind last night, and is the new

The wind they said we would have arrived here at around 930pm, and for the next thre and a half hours, it blew and blew. It may not have been winds like other people get or those near hurricanes, but...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 67 views

Letter To Scarly

Well I've been reading this stuff - from Ted, Metal and co and it's batshit mental Let's get something straight you blabbering twat. There is no Ted, Metal and co. I'm not part of...... Read More
Posted by Metalheart with 59 views

A Serious Question

What the fuck is wrong with you people? That's it, really. That's all I want to know. What in the ever-loving fuck is wrong with the whole lot of you? Wankers and twats...... Read More
Posted by Troll2016 with 55 views


Went today, to cast my vote . The line was wrapped around several blocks but we stood there anyway. It was bad weather wise. Earlier it was raining briefly, but not a bad , hard or cold rain. We arriv...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 55 views

What's with all this talk about the Court deciding next Tuesday's election?

A recent opinion piece in the Washington Post has generated quite a lively discussion amongst many of my friends and me. There seems to be some disagreement as to how far either the President or the...... Read More
Posted by deckhand with 54 views

More on Hunter Biden

Report: Hunter Biden Business Partner Calls Email 'Genuine,' Says Hunter Sought Dad's Advice on Deals Ronn Blitzer, John Roberts : Oct 22, 2020 Fox News [ ] "I've s...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 48 views

So... about a week ago my upstairs tenant said that her hot water handle on the kitchen faucet was stripped out. I told her I would replace it if they have that kind in stock. It's a wall mount...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 48 views

France’s President Macron – An Arrogant And Ineffective Leader – His Manipulation Of A Murder For Political Gain

Posted by chuckman with 48 views

winter time

Snowed yesterday and last night. Got about 8 inches. Furance quit working but we did not know until we needed it. We stayed warm and it is being worked on to see why it quit. We will stay warm fixed o...... Read More
Posted by katskorner with 37 views

America...I Need You

I am just so busy these days. Scott Jr is very demanding and takes up a lot of my time. Between her and the home schooling that takes up most of my day. I have three kids on one curriculum (same scho...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 35 views

One Week Out

Just 1 week to go in this bizarre covid campaign.Looks to be large increase in new voters.Possibility for change in all branches of government.Polls are everywhere from left and right landslide, to an...... Read More
Posted by exop2012 with 32 views

What Every American Need Know About Today

IF YOUR AN AMERICAN YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS IT IS TRUTH MOST DO NOT KNOW We the people deserve our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREEDOM NOT OWNED BY THE 666 This is a long one but speaks of Bible Prophecy as wel...... Read More
Posted by aKunaKumara with 28 views


These are my dogs, not all of them. A couple missing. Stretching over 25 years. Casper Xiamen Lucy Cassidy Cassidy Reg Cass and Reg Ted (aka Son of Satan) Reg looking bashful Ted watching something ou...... Read More
Posted by fangio821 with 26 views

thrusday treaters

This is a photo post containing 2 photos... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 26 views

Bị viêm niệu đạo uống thuốc gì

thng thường bệnh nhn mắc vim niệu đạo sẽ được yu cầu lấy thuốc để giải quyết tnh trạng vim nhiễm cng với tc nhn dẫn đến vim. Dựa vo từng tnh h...... Read More
Posted by phongkhamthaiha with 25 views

Holiday Blooms

On Sukkot (the Jewish Holiday--Oct 3) the first bud popped up and ever since then it is more and more blossoms every day and if it goes like it has the past few years they should be having buds and b...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 24 views

Three Photos Of Grandfather A.m. Pyron, 1846-1932

Three Photos of Grandfather A.M. Pyron A.M. Pyron, at about 19 while still in Ashley county, Arkansas A.M. Pyron at about 70...... Read More
Posted by halfback with 21 views

A beautiful rendition... OCEANS Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Hillsong UNITED You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oc...... Read More
Posted by OpinionNateTed with 20 views


Heart for Japan is a small ministry that seeks and desires to glorify God, establish God's Kingdom, Share the Goodnews about Jesus and see the Holy Spirit flourish in Japan that's less than 1% Christian, the community, families, and beyond. - This is a pho... Read More
Posted by simeonmwp with 16 views


Well, obviously, my biggest news is that I have officially come out at work as transgender, and I have started my journey to becoming female. It's taken a long time to get to this point, and I&#...... Read More
Posted by smink63 with 15 views

Abe -

ABE - When ignorance is bliss there is nothing more to say. It’s time to vote...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 12 views

Sugestões De Controle De Pragas Que Vão Salvar Tua Existência!

fonte original , não importa o quanto você seja cuidadoso ou limpo, as pestes ainda são capazes de entrar na sua residência. As pragas conseguem variar desde pequenas coisas como ratos e joaninhas...... Read More
Posted by dongclaborn5 with 6 views

4 Ps E quatro Cs DO MARKETING

Teu Portal De Pedidos Não é Um E-commerce B2BFato: o brasileiro está conectado à web. clique aqui e acesse do IBGE, apresentados em 2014, 95,quatro milhões de brasileiros estão conectados à int...... Read More
Posted by alberthasargent with 4 views

Kinh nghiệm mua và sử dụng laptop cũ chơi game cấu hình tốt giá rẻ

Cng với sự pht triển của x hội cng nghệ, ngy cng c nhiều tr chơi mới xuất hiện v thu ht được một lượng lớn khch hng, nhất l cc bạn trẻ. Tuy nhin, ...... Read More
Posted by sinhtracvantay with 4 views

Yoga For Meditation Soothes Mind Body And Soul

Practicing Yoga for Meditation has been quite a well-liked form of gaining final peace and happiness since time immemorial. In lots of elements of the world folks have believed that meditation is a vi...... Read More
Posted by darrelcasteel20 with 3 views

Relationship Advice TO HELP KEEP The Fun Alive

Let's face the facts, the early days of a romantic relationship tend to be the easiest. You are both getting to know each other, and infatuation fills you with emotions of giddiness. Then right t...... Read More
Posted by andrewmontoya12 with 3 views

Five Tips For An Ideal Chaturanga

Have you ever ever heard the yoga instructor in a class say, 'Follow the proper movement', or 'Do a Vinyasa' or 'Chaturanga'? It's possible you'll know easy met...... Read More
Posted by sheritrundle0 with 2 views

Getting The Many Out Of Your Online Purchasing Expierence

Perform you loathe crowds? Do you hate standing in line? Can you not like crowds? In hop over to here that you clarified to any of these yes, the solution is online shopping. Online shopping lets you...... Read More
Posted by arianneculpepper with 2 views

Sound Advice For Buying Ingame Foreign Money Rapidly

You are able to do it in your underwear and no one will know, even if you do it with mates. Get More Information do not must scent good, look good and even be capable of walk. Video gaming ranges the...... Read More
Posted by bevw26433365 with 2 views

Obtain Success At Your Favourite Video Games With These Top Ideas

At the moment, many people have childhood recollections of video games. Video games have gotten more superior, and every generation seems to play more games. This pattern seems to be continuing, and v...... Read More
Posted by michalmacnamara with 2 views

Benefits of Taking Home Loan with us — Dealsofloan

To own one’s home is the vision of every Indian. It gives a sense of comfort for some. For others, it’s a sense of achievement and growth..The number of home loan borrowers has risen enor...... Read More
Posted by optionsprofitsdaily with 2 views

Is Running A Laptop Without A Battery Safe For You And The Device?

"@context":"","@type":"ProfessionalService","name":"Dr IT Services - Computer Repair","image":[]...... Read More
Posted by dantekiyw637 with 2 views

Modesto Diz Que Rivais 'não Conhecem O Clube' E Defende Sua Gestão Financeira

Quatro Dicas Indispensáveis Pra Se tornar Um Empreendedor De SucessoTodos responderam dúvidas referentes aos mesmos assuntos de fundamental seriedade pro funcionamento do clube. Depois de publicar e...... Read More
Posted by dewittsilcock3 with 2 views

PNS Interview with Rhedi Krishnamurthi

Teresa Reitan <> Mon, Oct 19, 12:25 PM (3 days ago) to Elise, me PNS: Good evening! Rita Trevalyan here with Rhedi Krishnamurthi, PhD. There was once a famous yogi with th...... Read More
Posted by ritatrevalyan with 2 views

Formas Incríveis Pra Parar-Se De Ronco Hoje

Você pode definir um sólido noite de sono como um intuito, se você se comprometer a comprar o conhecimento de que devia. Não permita que o ronco impactar negativamente a sua saúde física e menta...... Read More
Posted by trinidadcantara with 1 views

dass David's Bridal für diesen Artikel mit uns zusammengearbeitet hat

Whlen Sie beispielsweise trgerlose Kleider fr die Brautjungfern und fgen Sie dann der Junior-Brautjungfer das kleine Element des Illusionsausschnitts hinzu, um den Look zusammenhngend und altersg...... Read More
Posted by ekoeydeet with 1 views

Journal Of Interactive Marketing

Journal Of Interactive MarketingO termo começou a ser usado em 2004, desde o lançamento do best-seller "O futuro da Guerra" escrito por C. K. Recomendado Web-site , que disseminou o conc...... Read More
Posted by giovannak55360 with 1 views

Requiring Diamond Jewelry Awareness? Look At This

You'd like to be sure that you are carrying out all that you can to address your necklaces. It is essential to you because don't just it is possible to exclusive this means guiding it, howev...... Read More
Posted by lloyddeleon126 with 1 views

Wählen Sie ein stilvolles Brautkleid, das verschönert und geschmückt ist

Sie werden weniger geneigt sein, Make-up zu bertreiben - im Allgemeinen haben Libra-Damen eine klare Haut, regelmige Gesichtszge und viel natrliche Schnheit. Die Farben von Saint Valentine sind...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 1 views

Setting Up An Organization - 7 Stategies To Begin A Enterprise

Commencing an enterprise might be a huge conclusion for anyone who is to carry out, primarily when you have no online business knowledge in any way. Enterprise success also can consider many preparati...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 1 views

É Tua O Ronco Causando-Lhe A Perder O Sono? Estas Informações São Capazes De Ajudar!

você Está achando árduo para dormir através tente aqui , perturbador ronca de alguém? Ele pode ser um pouco alarmante para convencer uma pessoa de que a sua o ronco é impedindo-o de permanecer o...... Read More
Posted by patrickmarquez with 1 views


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